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What Professionals are Saying...

Tricia Nelson - Author and Talk Show Host
“Heal Your Hunger; 7 Simple Steps to End Emotional Eating Now”

"I had the pleasure of working with Debra DeMartino during her certification training as a Heal Your Hunger Emotional Eating Coach. Debra now offers her unique blend of experience as a therapist and an Emotional Eating Coach to show people a path to heal the underlying wounds and untrue beliefs that fuel emotional eating. In her very gentle, yet direct way, Debra offers guidance and insight that makes clients feel safe enough to open their hearts and transform not only their relationship with food, but their entire lives."

Debra Roberts, LCSW - Relationship Expert and Communication Specialist
Author of "The Relationship Protocol"

"Debra DeMartino is a smart, experienced, and intuitive clinician. She has strong clinical skills, along with tremendous compassion and understanding for her clients. Debra is also an advanced practitioner of my Relationship Protocol communication model for working with relationships. I would highly recommend Debra as she is a consummate, caring professional."

Fran Mendelowitz - Founder & President at InterACT New York

"Debra DeMartino is a highly skilled psychotherapist whose work is outstanding. Having shared many cases with Debra, I know first-hand that her insight, intelligence and compassion combine to make her a most talented therapist. Her interventions with individuals, couples and groups are consistently on target and far-reaching. Debra's inner fortitude and gentle approach foster strong therapeutic alliances while providing a safe environment for psychic and behavioral change. Each person that I have referred to Debra has been highly satifsfied with and grateful for the life-changing help that she has offered. I recommend Debra DeMartino without hesitation and I feel fortunate to call her my colleague."

What Clients are Saying...

Cathy P.

When my husband died, I fell into a depression and I thought I’d never feel like myself again. I was lost, and terribly frightened by every aspect of life without him. I went to see Debra DeMartino for therapy after a friend had heard of her good work as a therapist and told me about her. Debra was supportive and encouraging. She helped me to understand my fears and sat with me through many tears. With her help, I have been able to clear my head, make important decisions for my future and most importantly, trust that I am going to be alright. I’m so grateful for having met her.

Paul A.

My wife and I were on the verge of divorce after 12 years of marriage, and decided to try couple’s counseling as a last resort. We couldn’t agree on much and it felt like all we ever did was argue. We were both very unhappy. Debra DeMartino came highly recommended as a couple’s counselor. I’d never been in therapy, but my wife had. I had reservations. I have to say, we both felt comfortable as soon as we met Debra. She helped us to see aspects of our relationship that we could build on. That was a shock! She also taught us how to talk to one another without making the other defensive. Not only are we still together, but we both feel like we are closer than we have been for many years. I recommend Debra DeMartino highly.

Wendy S.

I went into therapy with Debra DeMartino when I was at an all-time low in my life. Many changes were happening at once, and I was feeling overwhelmed. A relationship breakup, disappointment in not getting a work promotion that I had been expecting, and the death of my dog had a huge effect on me. I really felt lost. I had been in therapy before, but never got so much out of it as I did when I was seeing Debra. Her gentle, caring style made me feel so much at ease, that I spoke about things I never had before. Eventually I felt clearer about the things I wanted in my life and I got stronger. I’m much more confident and happier than I was, and I’m sure that the therapy I had with Debra made this difference.